What makes you fat?

What makes you fat?

From a complete oversimplification point of view, eating too much and exercising too little is what makes you fat. There is far more to it than that though. Factors such as the type of food you eat, your stress levels, your genetics, the type of exercise you do and how you do it (if you do it..) and the list goes.

Trying to unlock the mystery of exactly what makes you fat is a multi-billion dollar industry and every weight loss “guru” has their own theory. Karin from Nutrigen with a practice in both Cape Town and Johannesburg has a loverly simply approach to understand this complex issue.

“Either too much fat in your food, or too much sugar in your food makes you fat” says Karin.

Striking the balance is crucial. The balance point is different for everyone and it takes a trained and experienced professional to find that balance quickly and unlock great results. Karin takes into account all the aspects that make you who you are. She looks at your goals, your lifestyle, your cooking skills (some of us just plain suck in the kitchen!), your activity level and your general state of health.

We unpack more of what Karin means when she says fat and sugar make you fat in 2 different articles dedicated to each in turn.

If you looking to unlock the best, most vital version of yourself, then consider giving Karin a call to see how she can help make that a reality.

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