Sugar, as addictive and dangerous as cocaine

Sugar just tastes so good, which is why we find in almost every food we eat. But sugar is perhaps the biggest contributor to poor health and obesity. It is highly addictive as it causes feel good hormones to be released and we get addicted to these great feeling.

The sugar level in our blood has to be tightly maintained in a narrow band. If the sugar level is allowed to be too high or too low, there are dire, even deadly, consequences. Therefore your body spends tremendous effort on controlling your blood sugar.

Constantly eating sugar-laden foods strains the blood sugar regulation system and eventually, it can start to wear out. The result is a condition you have heard of called diabetes. Too high a blood sugar level causes inflammation in the body and can drastically increase the amount of fat the body stores. If sugar in the blood is not used up with 5 – 6 hours it is converted to fat and stored right where you want it least!

We need sugar as it a quick and easy to access energy source for the body. But too much can be deadly. The same goes for fat. We need fat to fuel our long-term energy needs but too much has health implications such a heart attack or stroke.

The trick is to find just the right balance to so you get the best of both without running the risk of too much of either. Karin, who has a practice in both Cape Town and Durban, is a master at finding this sweet spot for you. let her help design a great tasting and easy to follow eating plan that will provide you with results you are after.

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