Fat, the most misunderstood food type

Fat is a necessary part of our diet, but too much of it can have dire consequences. Overdoing it can lead to heart disease which can cause heart attacks and strokes.

It does have its good points though, particularly in that fat can be a great source of energy as it is extremely dense. But the dense nature of fat can be an issue.

Imagine building a fire. To get a fire started you need kindling that will catch fire easily and burn bright and fast. That would the carbohydrates in your diet. Small branches and logs would be the next to catch fire and that represents the protein. That giant log that you drag into the fire that takes ages to start to burn but is still burning the next morning is the fat. Fat is a great energy source but it takes quite some effort to unlock the energy hiding inside.

There is a way to “hack” the body into burning fats more easily and that is to eat an almost exclusively high-fat diet until you are in a state of ketosis. The trouble with ketosis is it is extremely difficult to maintain. It is far easier to rather reduce your fat intake.

If you unsure how best to manage the fat in how you eat, consider meeting with Karin in either Cape Town or Johannesburg so she can devise an eating plan that will suit you just perfectly.

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