Diets don't work - the reason is not what you think

Diets don’t work – the reason is not what you think

A diet is the restriction of food intake for a period of time. The body is forced to use its fat stores to provide you with enough energy to get through the day. The result is you lose weight. Sounds great right? Not so fast, there is a horrible side effect that actually makes you gain weight each and every time you diet.

While on a diet your body shifts in starvation mode. In starvation mode, the body slows its metabolism, limits your energy output which makes you tired, and starts saving every extra calorie it can as it does not know when next it will get food. What does this mean for you? Essentially by dieting, you are forcing your body into a fat making mode. The moment you stop dieting and start eating normally again you gain back all the weight you lost and more! This pattern is common it has its own name “Creeping Obesity”.

Sounds pretty lousy right? The answer lies in not dieting but rather taking on a way of eating and living that stimulates your metabolism, enhances your energy levels and places your body in a calorie burning mode. The result is your body is happy to burn calories as much as possible as it knows great, healthy food is around the corner. This is also why exercise is so important and it is a key driver of your metabolism. It stokes the fires of life and a hot fire burns more wood!

If you are keen to find out what a healthy eating plan looks like for you then get in touch with Karin and let her help you create the person you want to be. Karin offers her services both in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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