Building the fat burning engine: Why you can’t lose weight by eating less

Excess fat is a natural. The body creates and stores it as an energy/ fuel supply in times of need such as famine, intense physical exertion, shock and trauma. But how do we get rid of it during our every-day lives?

Basic fat metabolism, for the layman, is how readily your muscles can utilise stored fat and convert it to fuel/energy. Let’s assume that your muscle mass is the engine of a car. The stronger and leaner your engine, the more work it is capable of producing. Excess fat, on the other hand, is like the body of the car. The heavier the body, the harder the engine needs to work to break it down.

The focus then remains on keeping the engine (muscles) strong. If the engine gets neglected – less protein consumption- the engine is not able to break down excess fat.

Unfortunately, most people assume eating less makes them weigh less. By consuming less proteins, they break the very system down which is needed to get rid of the fat.

It is not just about eating proteins but rather the right amount and quality of proteins. Your engine is a fine machine and runs off a key amount of protein. Keeping a consistent protein intake, at the right consumption levels, helps the muscles to maintain their ideal mass. A bigger, leaner muscle mass will more readily break down excess fat than a smaller, more compromised one.

Take home message: Never skip protein meals as protein assist in fat metabolism

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