Tailored Sports Nutrition

It is a Lifestyle!

The science of the sport’s diet

The science of sports performance is dependent on an athlete’s body composition. In order for any athlete to achieve his/her best power to weight ratio, endurance and strength, their diet plays a crucial role. This is where we set the pace.

Not all athletes require the same power output, endurance or even physical weight in their sporting categories. Most sport disciplines are unique in their physical demands on the athlete. This means that there is no mainstream diet that all athletes can follow in the hopes of achieving their best performance and results.

A calculated approach

We help you eat right

Each athlete’s body composition is unique to his or her sport discipline and is also determined by age and gender. On your initial consultation, we conduct a body-stat analysis based on BEI measurements (Bio-electrical impedance on the scales). This gives an accurate profile of the total muscle mass, water weight and total body fat within your system. Next, come the calliper and tape measurements to gauge subcutaneous fat. These three measurements together create an accurate body composition profile.

During the consultation, the meal plan is tailored to your unique sporting requirements. Healthy essential body fat levels are maintained in the system while excess fat is removed to increase performance.

Lean muscle mass is a major requirement for optimal sports performance. We strive for 80% or higher lean muscle mass density in the athlete as a requirement.

A calculated approach

What about my social life when I diet?

We know that you wish to achieve your physical goals as well as maintaining your social lifestyle. This is what makes NutriGen unique. Our meal plans are inclusive of a wide variety of food groups that are readily available at most restaurants, functions and events. We believe in living life holistically and just because you are following an eating plan does not mean you have to give up your social outings.

Never see good healthy eating as a diet….It is a Lifestyle!