Muesli Sport Bars

Box of 20


20 x Singles (45g)

10g Protein | 20g Carbs | 5g Fat


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The High protein, Muesli crunch, Low fat bar

KEY Nutrition Sports protein bars are perfectly formulated for athletic endurance and stamina. The majority of the calorie content comes from fast-absorbing carbohydrates in the form of zinc-rich muesli flakes. KEY Nutrition Sport’s bars’ have a low-fat content to prevent mental and physical sluggishness during high intensity physical training.

KEY Nutrition Sport’s bars are the perfect unit size for long- endurance interval feeding. The well-balanced ratio of high protein, carbohydrate and low fat per portion gives the best lean-muscle mass feeding with adequate carbohydrates for endurance and stamina. The low-fat content ensures a lower intake of unused calories in the body thus preventing excess fat build-up.

The bar to eat when your goal is to:

  1. Increase physical output
  2. Improve endurance
  3. Speed-up recovery
  4. Maintain concentration
  5. Build muscle mass
  6. Increase mental and physical stamina

What you get

A high-protein and carbohydrate meal replacement, low in fats, perfectly formulated for athletic endurance and stamina.

2 bars = 1 standard, high-protein and carb meal replacement for sport

1 bar = 10g protein, 22g carbs, 5g fat perfect for interval feeding during prolonged sports activity

Formulated by an actual Sport Nutritionist

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