Coconut Protein Bars

Box of 25


25 x  Singles (30g)

10g Protein | 4.5g Carbs | 3g Fat


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The High protein, Low carbs, Low fat bar

KEY Nutrition Coconut flavoured protein bars are lean, healthy-snack replacements for weight watchers, muscle builders, resting athletes and office workers. Key Nutrition Coconut flavoured protein bars provide high protein, low carb (sugar), low fat and are GLUTEN FREE! Two full snack bars equal one complete daily protein meal replacement!

KEY Nutrition Coconut flavoured protein bars are low in calories and therefore create the perfect snacking alternative. Two bars equal the perfect protein meal replacement. Replace bad food habits with great tasting high protein, low calorie protein bars.

KEY Nutrition low calorie, high protein coconut flavoured bars are the perfect snack for resting athletes or light training athletes. The low calories reduce excess fat accumulation and the high protein protects and sustains lean muscle mass.

KEY Nutrition Coconut flavoured protein bars help reduce blood sugar lows and therefore boost concentration. Key Nutrition Coconut flavoured protein bars can be taken before high concentration activities such as exams, meetings and other high-focus performance activities.

For meals or snacking: Any time – Anywhere

The pocket-protein bar: for convenience, great taste and weight maintenance

The bar to eat when your goal is to:

  1. Lose fat weight
  2. Increase muscle mass
  3. Maintain concentration
  4. Control sugar cravings
  5. Meal and/or healthy snack replacement
  6. Change unhealthy-snacking habits

What you get
A high protein, low calorie meal/ healthy-snack replacement bar with portable size convenience

2 bars = 1 standard protein meal
1 bar = 1 healthy snack replacement
1 bar = 10g protein
Calories per bar: 110
1 box = 25 x 30g protein bars

Formulated by an actual Sport Nutritionist