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  • Sports Magnesium


    Athletes use a lot of physiological nutritional reserves during strenuous exercise. If not maintained property after or during these events. the athlete can become depleted in crucial vitamins and minerals that may have long-term health consequences. NutriGen Sport Magnesium is a concentrated formula of Vitamins and minerals important in athletic performance and health. To prevent…

  • Advanced Electrolyte Mix

    (20 sachets) R475.00

    GLUTEN AND SUGAR-FREE ELECTROLYTE HYDRATION DRINK, diabetic friendly The crucial supplement in every athletes water bottle For higher concentration and prolonged focus Prevents cramping during exercise To speed up recovery from training or injury Prevents dehydration To increase reaction time All athletic performance for mineral replenishment Diabetic friendly This uniquely blended formula is the golden standard…

  • Hydrolyzed protein / collagen

    (15 sachets) R350.00

    The Pure-Protein drink:  Providing protein in liquid form when food is not available Used for: Additional protein supplementation during training/ sport Helps with connective tissue restoration such as joints, ligaments and bones Stronger and more injury resistant frame which means decreased recovery time Dissolves easily, is light and flavourless. Perfect supplement to mix with Key Electrolytes. Added…

  • Muesli Sport Bars

    Box of 25 R720.00

    25 x Singles (45g)

    10g Protein | 20g Carbs | 5g Fat

  • System 8


    Stabilises blood-sugar levels Burns fat Promotes lean muscle mass FREE of all stimulants, performance enhancing components, colourants and preservatives Does not cause habit formation by consumption