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  • Kids Sports Nutrition | Key Nutrition

    Kiddies Combo


    Convenient and healthy meal replacements for the kids Low sugar and healthy treat Perfect for lunch boxes and extra-mural activities Protein for concentration and strength KEY Nutrition Kidz pack Kids: 6 kids bars, 4 electrolytes 2 FREE BARS ON THE FIRST PURCHASE What you get: KEY Kidz protein bars What: High protein, low fat and…

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  • Sports Nutrition | Key Nutrition

    Sports Package


    Nutrition specifically suited to top athletes Endurance, stamina and concentration boosting products Sports package Athlete: 6 electrolyte sachets, 4 collagen sachets, 4 muesli bars, 6 small bars (2 of each flavour) 2 FREE BARS TO THE VALUE OF R50 FOR YOUR FIRST PURCHASE What you get: Muesli Endurance barsĀ  What: High protein, carbohydrates, low fat…

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  • Key Nutrition South Africa | Weight loss

    Weight Loss Combo


    Low fat, low sugar and high quality meal replacements Weight loss supplements with natural ingredients Great tasting products Key Nutrition Weight Loss Weight loss: System 8 pills, 6 small bars, 2 Free bars first purchase only 2 FREE BARS TO THE VALUE OF R50 ON THE FIRST PURCHASE System 8 What: Blood-sugar stabilizing supplement which…

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