Individual Weight Loss Programs

It is a Lifestyle!

Heal yourself before assisting others

Whether you are young or mature, a workaholic or stay-at-home parent, you can achieve your weight goals and optimum health through our weight management programs. Our meal plans are tailored to include a wide variety of meal groups that are easily manageable for all social, public and family occasions. This means that you can achieve your weight goals and still maintain a social lifestyle.

Our meal programs are based on each individual’s unique body composition. On your first visit, a quick 45min consultation, we assess your body composition (called a body-stat) through BEI measurement (a fancy name for an electronic scale). The body-stat will reveal your exact muscle mass, body-water content and total fatty tissue in your body. Next, we take calliper and tape measurements to get the most accurate body profile measurements.

Now the fun begins. Your meal plan is then tailored to your unique body profile. The very inclusive meal plan is explained in such a way that you are confident and well informed of the fat loss process. We do not believe in confusing any persons with advanced statistics and complicated practices. Life is stressful enough, and fat loss should not be one of them!

Follow up consultations are weekly and consist of 15min appointments. Your measurements are recorded, your meal plan reviewed and all questions answered.

And here is a small incentive: Wine is allowed!!