Lowveld Enduro Club Round 3

The Lowveld Enduro Club hosted round 3 of the series in the brilliant hills of Hazeyview, this is the one race that certainly gets the competitors to travel to the event for the brilliant riding conditions it offers.

A mixed start to the event with a navigation error that plagued a number of riders resulting in a very short lap time that was added to each person overall time. The conditions were perfect with the exception of the lowlands that were very wet and later turned into a bog that was a bit hit and miss to clear.

Very pleased with the teams result after a number of time keeping issues were resolved, 1st in class and keeping a perfect record of 3 wins from 3 starts for the series

Thank you for the support, perfect preparation and brilliant brands made this a good one to win

Thank you to the Key Nutrition family, looking forward to this weeks event in Middleburg,

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