2nd round of the Lowveld Enduro Club

2nd round of the Lowveld Enduro Club

The 2nd round of the Lowveld Enduro Club was hosted on a potato seed farm in the rolling hills of Lydenburg, officially known as Mashishing,  a town in Thaba Chweu Local Municipality, on the Mpumalanga highveld

The terrain made it a challenge to set a hard enduro route given the rolling hills and limited tough sections, all competitors needed to race with caution given the that all the routes were littered with “lurkers” that caught me out a few times.

Navigation errors and missing the check point punches created issues for a huge number of competitors, either loosing time or having the organisers impose a 15 minute penalty for every missed punch.

I please that we had a flag 2 flag race with only a few minutes lost due to a navigation challenge on the first lap and a few small falls.

The team secured a 1st place class win on the day making it 2 out of 2 in the series.

Looking forward to April’s race schedule and your continued Key Nutrition support.

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