Get to know your true body mass percentages with TANITA electronic scales (aka Body-stat). It is the use of electronic impedance (electricity) that calculates your body-water, total fat and muscle mass. This information allows us at NutriGen to accurately target weight goals with individual, tailor-made meal plans.

Your Body-stat results are the perfect means to:

  1. Track your athletic performance vs. nutrition
  2. Target body mass to improve power-to-weight ratio
  3. Increase lean muscle mass density
  4. Decrease specific fat zones
  5. Regulate total body-water levels
  6. Track overall weight management goals

TANITA Electronic Scales

Bioelectrical impedance electronic scales

TANITA body weight scales are pioneers in the accurate measurement of body composition. By utilising Bioelectrical impedance (a fancy word for electricity measuring various types of resistance in the body) the TANITA scales show accurately the total fat-free mass (lean muscle mass), total body fat and total water weight.  The ratios between these 3 variables allow us to create your own unique meal plan, suited to your weight loss and fitness needs.

Athletes greatly benefit from the TANITA measurements as a means to track their lean muscle mass and fat weight. The leaner the muscle mass of the individual becomes the more power output the athlete has to perform at their best. Similarly, the fat weight can be monitored and targeted through the diet to ensure the athlete is at their most desired overall weight before events.


What TANITA scales offer:

Full Body Measurements Weight
Body Fat %
Muscle Mass
Physique Rating
Body Water %
Daily Caloric Intake (DCI)
Metabolic Age
Metabolic Age Range 12 – 90
Bone Mass
Visceral Fat Rating
Segmental Measurement Body Fat %
Muscle Mass
Additional Functions Athlete Mode